About Techpark

Property Management Solutions - A boon for all investors

Shanta Sriram Techpark makes it highly convenient for its busy investors by providing all property management related solutions. Reflecting the class it belongs to and redefining service quality, Shanta Sriram Techpark has set up a dedicated department that takes care of the full scope of property management before, during and subsequent to the investment.

In this process, the property management team enhances the value of the units through its timely solutions. And also, thanks to this initiative, the investors can concentrate on their core businesses and, in addition, expect increased value for their invaluable investments as well.

Comprehensive Services

The wide range of solutions offered includes the following:

  Fetching a suitable tenant for the property
  Finalising documentation/paperwork
 Gathering the rent from the leaseholder
 Depositing the rent in investor's bank account
  Organizing resale of the unit, if you so desire, and
  Supervising punctual payment of utility bills, property taxes and so on

Therefore, the property management service is a boon for all the investors. And so, no matter where you are - you can be sure that a professional team is looking after your property!